IT gives you benefits across the board, as exercise does for the body. It makes processes nimble, efficient, and economical.

At HealthPro Consulting, we cover all stages: assessing the right technology for you, planning its implementation, and monitoring it to assure success.

We have experience evaluating software vendors, working with them to develop custom solutions, and planning pilot projects and phased rollouts. We also develop metrics to help you quantify improvements in quality.

Among our capacities, we can:

  • Expand your profit margins with more efficient, better coordinated IT.
  • Increase your sales and growth by putting the right information in the right hands at the right moment.
  • Help you buy right by balancing your requirements with vendor solutions.
  • Streamline your operations by smoothly integrating new and legacy systems.
  • Enhance your customers’ satisfaction by helping them quickly and easily find information and complete online transactions.
  • Help staff your projects with the right teams to deliver on time and on budget.
  • Complete more transactions with immediate online customer support.
  • Better measure the impact of new technology with more accurate feedback mechanisms.

Buying Wisely

How Can I Get the Best Buys from Vendors?
We assess vendor products on the basis of your company’s needs and priorities. We evaluate alternative vendors in terms of price, features, functionality, support and delivery, and estimate the impact of alternative products on your bottom line.

How Can I Make Sure a Product Will Work?
Once you’ve selected potential buys, HealthPro will help you test-drive them. You’ll get hands-on experience and professional pilot tests before you make a large capital expenditure.

How Can I Partner with Vendors?
As the creator of the Beta Partner Technology Program, HealthPro Consulting has worked with vendors to introduce their products in partnership with healthcare organizations. We can help you develop a partner technology program for your industry vertical.

Charting the Future

The Big View: How Far Can You Go?
With our experience developing strategic roadmaps for technology, we can help you lay out a plan leading from where you are to where you want to be.

Putting Strategy in Place: How Can You Get There?
The most common question with a new project is: “What is the best way to implement it?” HealthPro Consulting takes you through this crucial process and ensures success by putting the right infrastructure in place to support project execution.

Reaching Everyone: How Can You Go Global?
HealthPro Consulting has experience developing business in North America, Asia, and Australia. We help you obtain international clients by optimizing your relationships across different geographies and cultures. We can link your products with communities worldwide.

Finding the Baseline

How Well Are You Serving Your Customers?
What do your patients and clients think? Are they happy? Unhappy? HealthPro Consulting can help you learn how well you are meeting their needs and identify the keys to satisfying them. We highlight areas with the biggest impact on customer loyalty.

How Well Are You Using Your Resources?
You can probably get more intelligence from the information you already have in-house. We help you model the relationship between data and business outcomes. You can use this analysis to increase your efficiency while improving quality of care. Essentially, we lower the branches so you can pick more fruit. 

What Are the Obstacles to Progress?
We always stay current with new technologies that directly affect you. We evaluate their effectiveness in your organization and the perceived barriers to adopting them. We identify attitudes that may hinder technology integration and we develop communication programs to foster greater use.

Handling Projects

How Can I Tell What My Project Needs to Succeed?
Building a plan and a project team are the foundation for a successful project. HealthPro Consulting will work with you to determine the skills required for the project.

How Can I Measure My Project’s Progress?
Wonder if your project is really on schedule? Need to make sense of all the tasks? Get an executive overview with an evaluation by using HealthPro Consulting as an objective party.

How Can Find Someone to Manage My Project?
HealthPro Consulting brings you over 15 years of project management experience. Let us ensure that your technology projects are completed on time, within budget, and according to specifications.

Tailoring Solutions

Am I Getting to the Heart of the Problem?
Often diagnosing the problem is the problem. The same systems integration solutions don’t work for everyone because the challenges of information management differ from organization to organization. Let a professional who knows both healthcare and information technology help you define and clarify the issues.

Am I Getting the Solution Right for Me?
The true yardstick of any information system is how well it meets your needs. HealthPro Consulting begins by conducting a needs assessment to determine the information requirements of your organization, department, or special user group. We use the results to develop and implement the technology solution that best fits your organization.

Am I Minimizing the Risk of Miscommunication?
Information service providers and healthcare professionals often seem to speak different languages. A project’s success depends on transparent communication among healthcare professionals, business executives, and technical staff. We understand both the information needs of healthcare professionals and the technology solutions, and we clarify communications and reduce project risk.


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