8 Moves to a Sentient Strategy


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Judy brings Sentient Strategy® to you, as one of only 10 consultants certified to make this exclusive offering.

Sentient Strategy® is a revolutionary approach to the traditional, lengthy, and esoteric discussions that take weeks to produce a strategy that is obsolete as soon as a consensus is final. Strategy has to be organic—that is, a pragmatic, living framework within which all decisions are made consistent with the nature and direction of the business.

The approach is based on two elements shown below:

Awareness of the environment: How well do you (the enterprise) view and understand the environment in which you now operate and will operate?

Consciousness of available actions: How well informed are you of the gamut of actions available to you that are appropriate and effective?

The point of Sentient Strategy is to build a flexible, fungible strategic approach that reliably takes an organization to a desired new, near-term state. If strategy is a framework within which decisions are made, which set the nature and direction of the business, then this approach assures that decisions are made within that context. Here’s how it might look:

The framework for Sentient Strategy involves major elements of an organization, which can be change depending on each environment, to move from today to the desired future state.

People don’t fear the future, they fear the journey to the future. This framework creates a safe and clear journey and therefore accelerates speed toward an improved tomorrow. Note the examples of faulty actions (e.g. poor accountability) that drive organizations outside of the successful framework.

  • The Sentient Strategy process fits healthcare organizations’ needs because it is:
  • Flexible discipline that accommodates uniqueness of any enterprise, not off-the-shelf
  • Adaptable
  • Created within a week, not months, by your executive team with immediate implementation
  • Less investment than any major strategy initiative

The Sentient approach is meant to formulate strategy quickly, to be used immediately for as long as conditions warrant, and then to make changes rapidly as conditions change. Taking six weeks to create a five-year strategy in these times is like deciding to write longhand in general ledgers to track financial results in a business.

This is a strategy methodology that works especially well in healthcare because healthcare is dynamic, fast-moving, and changes constantly to meet the demands of compliance, payers, consumers, providers and the government.

Avoid creating strategy that is out of date before it is finished. Contact Judy to use this exclusive trademarked fast process to create strategy for your organization today.

Sentient Strategy is a registered trademark of Alan Weiss.