The Reality of Virtual Services

A Three-Part Series
30 minutes each

Virtual health helps you care for more patients and at the same time lets patients play a more active role in their own care. Find out whether anywhere anytime care is right for your organization, how to offer the best virtual services, and the role of innovation.

Is virtual the new reality?

Growing consumer demand for convenience, changing reimbursement models, and advancing technology make virtual services essential for 21st century health care. What can virtual care do to help your organization keep its market share?

  • What are the virtual services?
  • What’s the value?
  • Are virtual services necessary for you?

* You will learn what virtual care is and if you really need it.
* Learn what services are right for you.
* You will understand the commitment needed for success.

Does it matter what patients want?

Consumers are expecting more from healthcare because they are paying more out of their own pockets due to higher deductibles. Cost, convenience, accessibility, and communication are key factors to obtaining healthcare in a busy patient’s life.

  • Are you paying attention to the new healthcare consumer?
  • How to be their first choice option
  • Are your patients demanding you?
  • What is your competition is doing?

* You will learn how today’s healthcare consumer is different.
* Key questions to ask.
* Find the options that work best for you.

Injecting innovation

There never seems enough time to think about innovating let alone do it. So why is it important? We will look at why innovations fail, why they succeed, and what it takes to step up the innovation ladder.

  • Treading water or swimming?
  • More money or just more work?
  • Change is always a challenge

* Learn how to be innovative when there is no time
* Learn about the cost of innovation

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